Whenever you plan to visit, make sure you have the Tel Aviv City Stories. This Alternative Guide captures many of Tel Aviv’s highlights and some of its hidden gems. For those who love to travel, this guide brings a real added value to the trip. Ditch the Google maps and classic guidebooks and start looking for the secret doors, hidden streets and gardens tucked away. Get lost in the city corners you’ve never seen before. Enjoy humorous and artful pages.

The illustrations in the guide are our version of reality. They are personal reflections of the places we love. Iconic spots such as Dizengoff Tower, Rothschild Boulevard, Old Jaffa and Carmel Market are there, but perhaps not exactly as they look in real life. We invite you to join the illustrated journey we want to share with you. It's a creative way to discover the city!


  • All about Tel Aviv Survival guide, insiders pro tips, inspirational to-do lists, fun facts about the local culture, food, hidden gems and more.
  • Fun & creative way to explore the city The cityʼs small enough to run into your friends at any moment, but big enough to show thereʼs always more to be discovered. Itʼs full of life, itʼs modern, itʼs hot, itʼs crazy and crowded and is it full of passion.
  • 120 pages of unique illustrations In this guide you get to color and draw, create and record your personal memories.
  • A personal book that becomes your personal journal of the trip Add your own experiences and tips ‒ share your discoveries with your friends. Tel Aviv Stories leaves plenty of space for your own drawings, pictures, tickets, notes, and tips and stories. When you return home, the guidebook and diary will become a memoir of your Tel Aviv vacation that stay with you for a lifetime.


More stories The City Stories series includes also another must visit the city - Jerusalem. You can get both guides in one combined edition. 


Tel Aviv City Stories & Tel Aviv 9 Postcards Set

  • Size ⏐ 15.2 × 22.8 cm ⏐ 6 × 9 inch


    Recycled high quality paper

    Number of pages ⏐ 120