Put Tel Aviv on your office desk

I wish you were sitting now in a kiosk on Rothschild Street

I wish you were eating  now French fries in the Tel Aviv port 
I wish you were kissing now on Habima Square
I wish you were playing now in the Tel Aviv beach

While you're sitting in the office, Pulp and Citykat Stories make sure you can do all this — and more. Citykat Stories are Ira and Boris Ginzburg, designers, illustrators and office owners Ira Ginzburg, who are now turning their talents to animate Tel Aviv — on paper. Their new collaboration with Pulp brings you Tel Aviv, live and kicking, in the right proportions for your work environment, your desk or your bag.


The paper cube made of 1000 unique printed sheets, comes with a color pencil and packed in a print box.

Paper Cube — Tel Aviv Skyline in Yellow

  • Size ⏐ 10 × 10 cm ⏐ 3.9 × 3.9 inch

    Number of pages ⏐ 1000 ⏐ 80 g

    Paper color ⏐ White

    Goes together with a color pencil

    Packed in a print box