Vegan vs. Carnivore in Tel Aviv: 3 Best restaurants for each lifestyle

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Tel Aviv is a diverse city. It manages to simultaneously be a vegan paradise, whilst being home to the best meat restaurants in Israel.

Tel Aviv’s culinary experience is the epitome of variation. There’s always something for everyone, even the pickiest and most restrictive. And most importantly, no compromise in taste.

We’ve gathered this list to show travelers and locals the best each side has to offer.


With Veganism at its peak popularity, and the demand for more delicious vegan spots growing, Tel-Aviv managed to deliver, granting it the title: Israel’s most vegan-friendly city.

Vegan travelers can feel right at home in the health-conscious city and will have an array of different culinary experiences to choose from. All delicious, all vegan.

Here are our top 3 recommendations for vegan spots in Tel-Aviv:

Anastasia - Voted as Tel Aviv’s best vegan restaurant, according to numerous polls, Anastasia is a must-visit spot for vegans in Tel Aviv. The place is known for its’ delicious breakfast and brunch and uses lots of fresh ingredients. At Anastasia, the ”vegan” aspect isn’t the selling point - the food truly speaks for itself.

Frishman St 54, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Cafe Xoho - A perfect mixture of a relaxed, cozy environment and healthy, delicious comfort food. A laid-back vibe means Cafe Xoho is the perfect place to have breakfast with friends, but also good for sitting on your laptop, working. With lots of vegetarian and vegan options, this is definitely a favorite amongst the international Tel Aviv crowd.

Gordon 17, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Zakaim - This Persian inspired vegan cafe is constantly rated as one of the best Vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients and delicious, creative food preparation means “Zakaim” stays in the center of attention when it comes to the TLV vegan scene.

Simtat Beit HaSho’eva 16, Tel Aviv-Yafo