6 Food Spots to Satisfy Those Late-Night Munchies in Jerusalem

Night time in Jerusalem
Night time in Jerusalem

If for some reason you still believe the misconception that the nightlife in Jerusalem is not up to par, then prepare to have your mind changed.

Now, as much as Tel Aviv is still on top of the game when it comes to partying and going out - Jerusalem has got something to show for itself as well.

There’s a unique vibe in the experience of going out in Jerusalem. Some sort of feeling of unity among all of the partiers. It’s a smaller niche of people, so it makes for more intimate experiences. It makes meeting new people and interacting with them a lot easier, if that’s what you’re looking for.

So, after a proper night out, especially if you’ve been drinking - you’ll find yourself in need of an epic meal to sober you up.

Here are 6 delicious spots that are sure to satisfy your late-night cravings after a big night out, all open through the wee hours of the night

1. Chipser

The Chipser strictly serves… you guessed it: chips! (or french fries, if you’re American).

A spot wholly dedicated to Holland-style fries served alongside incredible, homemade sauces. Some local favorites are: curry ketchup, garlic mayonnaise and peanut butter sauce!

As well as fries, they serve a selection of cold drinks and beer, but other than that - that’s pretty much it. It’s as simple as that.

Incredible flavour combinations, chill atmosphere and a great location. All that makes The Chipser an essential spot to add to the end of your night out.

Address: Heleni ha-Malka St 7, Jerusalem

2. Iwo’s