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What's a story?



Citykat Stories is your next Tel Avivian print-product obsession

If you are a design lover with an insatiable itch for new paper products, clever content, and the simply nostalgic notion (and motion) of pen hitting paper, then locally-born-and-bred Citykat Stories will be your next go-to obsession. 



Put Tel Aviv on your desk

Paper brand Pulp launches a new limited edition collection in collaboration with Citykat Stories, which is spreading the city of Tel Aviv on paper.

Citykat Stories was born at the Ira Ginzburg Creative Agency by people with passion for good design and travel to live life to the fullest. We specialize in the creation of interactive printed products for avid travelers who love off-the-beaten-path adventures. 


We do this because this is how we explore the world.


We’re the ones who ditch the map and guidebook and look for the secret doors, the hidden staircases, the gardens tucked away. Our stories come from local experts who share their experiences about the little pocket places only insiders know. 


But it's not just about the story.


All our products give you opportunities to design and record your personal memories. There’s always plenty of space for your own drawings, notes, tips, and stories. You can also inspire friends and family to travel, too.  


We are constantly expanding and we will be happy to keep you, our friends, updated.



Zionist motives: have you heard about the subjective tourist guide?

We were looking to create an amusing, interesting, personal, emotional and mainly experiential document.



Innovative interactive guidebook lets you choose your own Jerusalem adventure

Recently released experiential activity book throws objectivity to the wind to expose travelers to the hidden alleyways and favorite late night spots.

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